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Notes from the Alumni Center

Keeping In Touch With Our Past

This July, Publishing Concepts, Inc. completed an information gathering and marketing effort and has begun to design the layout for McCaskey’s 2020 Alumni Directory. It does so using photographs and… Read More

A Message of Thanks

As the McCaskey Alumni Association receives many dues payments and extra gifts from renewing members, we wish to express our immense gratitude to the McCaskey family. We find ourselves in… Read More

Community Map

My name is Benjamin Nelson, and I am an art instructor at McCaskey East. My goal for this year has been to nurture a sense of community within our student… Read More

A New Year’s Gift

Early next year the new digital marquee sponsored by the McCaskey Alumni Association will be installed at the corner of N. Reservoir St. and N. Franklin St. in front of… Read More

The Simple Story of the Clock

Near the end of the school year in 1996, the Alumni Center received notice that there would be a year-long renovation of J.P. McCaskey High School beginning when school let… Read More

Please Report to Your Homeroom

When graduates of the McCaskey Campus return to their alma mater after many years, the word “homeroom” is usually mentioned. Either they request to see that particular subset of McCaskey… Read More