Notes from the Alumni Center


McCaskey East Turns 25!

In 1991 the School District of Lancaster embarked on an ambitious plan to prepare the next generation of Lancaster City youth for success. While the middle of the 20th century… Read More

Happy Days

By John Earl Hambright ’58   Two tall landmarks in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, commemorate our fair city’s rendezvous with game-changing destinies. In the heart of downtown, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument… Read More

Congratulations, Class of 1971!

The following address was delivered by Associate Principal Elizabeth Moodie to McCaskey’s 50th Anniversary Class of 1971 at the 2021 J.P. McCaskey High School Commencement, June 9, 2021: For as… Read More

Keeping In Touch With Our Past

This July, Publishing Concepts, Inc. completed an information gathering and marketing effort and has begun to design the layout for McCaskey’s 2020 Alumni Directory. It does so using photographs and… Read More

A Message of Thanks

As the McCaskey Alumni Association receives many dues payments and extra gifts from renewing members, we wish to express our immense gratitude to the McCaskey family. We find ourselves in… Read More

Community Map

My name is Benjamin Nelson, and I am an art instructor at McCaskey East. My goal for this year has been to nurture a sense of community within our student… Read More