In lieu of the in-person Distinguished Alumni Banquet, which has been postponed until the spring, the McCaskey Alumni Association is broadcasting a virtual awards ceremony honoring Quinn Conyers ’01, Julio Cotto ’98, Cheryl Steberger ’86, David Scott Kerr ’75, and Franklin J. Schaffner ’38 (Mr. Schaffner’s award is accepted by his nephew, Ian Armstrong). The Susan J. Garofola Service Award is presented to Jack ’67 & Sandy Neal.



Jo Knotwell Stokes ’56
Thomas Mumma ’98
Daniel Vasquez ’86
Paul Richer ’78
Lakisha Welch, McCaskey educator

Jane Appleyard ’62, President
Jeremiah Miller ’00, Alumni Director

Every year on Distinguished Alumni Day, the McCaskey Alumni Association commends a diverse group of five alumni who attended McCaskey High School. Each recipient is chosen because they have achieved a level of stature within their profession or community to which the students in the School District of Lancaster would wish to emulate.

The day consists of a luncheon in the Alumni Center at J.P. McCaskey, campus tours, master classes provided to students by the Distinguished Alumni, and an assembly at McCaskey East, in which the honorees share their inspiring stories with an auditorium full of students. In the evening, the McCaskey Alumni Association holds its Distinguished Alumni Awards Banquet where the visiting graduates receive their honors. The Susan J. Garofola Service Award is presented at this time.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another worthy alum for the Distinguished Alumni Award, please fill out our online form or the printable nomination form and return it to the McCaskey Alumni Association.


The Distinguished Alumni Class of 2019 (from left): Paul H. Cunningham Ed.D ’48, Molly Grantham ’95, Saundra J. Hamilton ’63 (accepting the award on behalf of her late brother, Theodore Parker III), Kiandra D. Steffy ’06, and Jermaine Finks ’90


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