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Distinguished Alumni

The Distinguished Alumni Class of 2019 (from left): Paul H. Cunningham Ed.D ’48, Molly Grantham ’95, Saundra J. Hamilton ’63 (accepting the award on behalf of her late brother, Theodore Parker III), Kiandra D. Steffy ’06, and Jermaine Finks ’90

Every year on Distinguished Alumni Day, the McCaskey Alumni Association commends a diverse group of five alumni who attended McCaskey High School. Each recipient is chosen because they have achieved a level of stature within their profession or community to which the students in the School District of Lancaster would wish to emulate.

The day consists of a luncheon in the Alumni Center at J.P. McCaskey, campus tours, master classes provided to students by the Distinguished Alumni, and an assembly at McCaskey East, in which the honorees share their inspiring stories with an auditorium full of students. In the evening, the McCaskey Alumni Association holds its Distinguished Alumni Awards Banquet where the visiting graduates receive their honors. The Susan J. Garofola Service Award is presented at this time.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another worthy alum for the Distinguished Alumni Award, please fill out the printable nomination form and return it to the McCaskey Alumni Association.

Award Recipients

Class of 2018

Left to Right (with Campus Principal John Lischner center): John Krill ’61, John Darrenkamp ’53, Felicia Figueroa DeJesus ’96, and Capt. Gordon Cross.

Class of 2017

Left to Right: Lisa Groff ’78, Eliseo Roman ’78, Madeline Whedbee Anderson ’45, Jeff Forster ’66, and Denise Ewell ’75 (accepting the award on behalf of her late father, Henry Norwood “Barney” Ewell ’38).

Class of 2016

Left to Right: Rev. Dr. Richard (Dick) McClain ’56; Gary W. Mills ’77; Maj. Katrina West Parlowe ’94 and Jeremy R. Young ’03 (Not pictured: Sam Sternberg ’02)

Class 2015

Left to Right: Paul Edwin Shelton II ’91, Jack Behrens ’53, Mark S. Watson ’76, Mindy Myers ’94 & Dan Anderson ’00.

Class of 2014


Left to Right: S. Leslie Blatt ’53, Carl Ernst ’56, Erika M. Hunsicker ’98 & Paul Weaver ’63 (Ruth Kauffman ’81 not pictured).

Class of 2013


Left to Right: Erika L. Powell ‘90 (Bottom), John Kaufhold ‘91, James B. McMullin ‘46, Nicole Kuhns Massey ‘94 & Edward “Champ” Hall ‘83.

Class of 2012


Left to Right: Patricia Wohlsen Epps ‘67, Mara Rekis Anderson ‘64, Charles G. Francos ’41 (Down Center), Pia Boben Fenimore ‘88 & Jacqueline Renee Jones Cunningham ‘83.

Class of 2011

McCaskey Distinquished Alumni Award--left---Jose Alejandro Rosado, Christopher Echterling, Nitin Tanna, Nicholas Veronis and Brenda Green Photo- Heisey

Left to Right: Jose Alejandro Rosado ’91, Christopher Echterling ’84, Nitin K. Tanna ’81, Nicholas Veronis ’78 and Brenda Green Becker ’70.

Class of 2010


Left to Right: Isaias Rodriguez ‘98, Lola Miller Olsen ‘62, Timothy L. Kauffman ‘66, David William Martin ‘55, & Kermit C. Jones ‘78.

Class of 2009


Left to Right: Norman Bristol Colon ‘93, Nancy Hite Giles ‘73, Barbara A. Barr ‘79, Lorraine “Lori” T. Dean ‘99 & James Spoo ‘65

Class of 2008


David L. Greene ‘94, Joseph P. Nolt ‘55, Christian Engle McMurtrie ‘52, Richard M. Scott ‘36 & Nancy Valavanes Kambouroglos ‘71

Class of 2007


Stanley J. Buch ‘41, Barbara A. Burgess ‘74, Donald O. Shelton ‘53, & Richard F. Lockey ‘57 (Michael Jamanis ‘84 is not pictured).

Class of 2006


Michael J. Perezous ‘54, Clyde Lucas ‘63, David Smith ‘66, Ronald C. Burger ‘66 & Matthew Pinsker ‘86

Class of 2005


Kenneth G. Stoudt ’61, Sharon Swope Schmid (widow of honoree Dennis C. Schmid ’61), Ann Gerhart ’73, Frank Wright, Jr. ’83 & Robert De Mora ’52.

Class of 2004


Caroline May Hoffer ‘74, Vickey A. Wright-Smith ‘84, Arthur E. Morris ‘63, & Paul R. Martin ‘50. John W. Hoff ’40 is not pictured.

Class of 2003


Left to Right: Clark McSparren, Jr. ‘51, James G. Shultz ‘64, Vera White Harris ‘81, Eriberto Rios, Jr. ‘86 & Richard D. Winters ‘37

Class of 2002


Miryam C. Granthon ’89, William E. Cooper ’69, Rosa Cunningham Harris ’67, Howard Means ’62 & William Oller ’41 (not pictured).

Class of 2001


Left to Right: Barbara Ann Dunlap Minney ’66, Charles W. Smithgall ’63, & Carole Brown Roberts ’60. Not pictured: Laszlo Birinyi, Jr. ’61 & Luke A. Veronis ’83

Class of 2000


Left to Right: Leroy T. Hopkins ’61, Gordon A. Kraft ’58, Katie Buck True ’58, J. Freeland Chryst ’44 & Ariel Rivera ’90

Class of 1999


Joanne Dubbs Ball ’47, Jere W. Schuler ’52, Katie Rogers Butcher ’65, Christopher Hager ’70 (son of posthumous honoree Helen K. Rhode Hager ’41) & Richard G. Hoxworth ’62

Class of 1998


Richard Eckman ’47, Donna “Bonnie” Glover ’71, Anna Funk Lockey ’23, Damien Rios ’91 & Ellen Sarkisian ’57.

Class of 1997


Left to Right: Michael Bove, Jr. ’79, Dontina Jones Jackson ’69, John M. Buckwalter ’48, John W.W. Loose ’43 & Donald U. Wise ’49.

Class of 1996


Left to Right: Nelson M. Polite, Sr. ’41, Leon “Buddy” Glover ’67, Barbara Karpouzis Valavanes ’45, Anthony R. Appel ’31 & James P. Argires ’49

Class of 1995


Left to Right: Louis A. Butcher, Jr. ’61, Ronald L. Buckwalter ’54, Paul H. Ripple ’40, Ethel Jane Stoe Hillard ’29 & Gerald S. Lestz ’31

Become a patron of the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Day by mailing your financial contribution designated “Distinguished Alumni Banquet” to: McCaskey Alumni Association, 445 N. Reservoir St. Lancaster, PA 17602. Make checks payable to “McCaskey Alumni Association.”