McCaskey Alumni

“McCaskey Proud”

About Us

The McCaskey Alumni Association’s first officers: (clockwise from front): Ruth Sherbahn Snyder ’54, secretary; Dottie Hammon ’51, president; Ann McMurtrie Fulton ’88, treasurer; and William J. Brown Jr. ’75, vice president.

The McCaskey Alumni Association formed in 1990 to enrich the lives of McCaskey High School students, past and present.

“The McCaskey Alumni Association . . . has forged and nurtured a strong sense of community among thousands of ‘J.P.’ grads near and far.” – Jeff Forster ’66, LNP Media Group

What We Do

Through the support of membership, the McCaskey Alumni Association’s Advisory Board works together to provide the following programs and services:

  • Scholarships for a wide range of academic subjects are developed by our organization in concert with the Lancaster Education Foundation to help graduating McCaskey students reach their academic goals.
  • Historical Preservation, including archiving newspaper articles, yearbooks, and other memorabilia dating back to the beginnings of the School District of Lancaster.
  • Campus Beautification is fostered through the cultivation of alumni gifts, which improve the functionality and appearance of the school.
  • Alumni Data/Records are maintained for the purpose of cultivating a robust network of graduates engaged with their Alma Mater.
  • Distinguished Alumni are invited back to McCaskey each year to receive recognition and share their wisdom with the student body.
  • 50th Anniversary Graduation Celebration invites members of McCaskey’s 50th anniversary class to be honored each year at Graduation.
  • The Joe Philo Alumni Classic  brings former basketball MVPs back to the court for an exciting community event.
  • Reunion Assistance, including the printing of mailing labels and distribution of other helpful resources.
  • The Alumni Vidette, the bi-annual publication of the McCaskey Alumni Association keeps graduates informed about what’s happening in the lives of former and current McCaskey students.
  • McCaskey Gear, including hooded sweatshirts, T-shirts, and baseball caps are available in exchange for a donation to the McCaskey Alumni Association.