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Dennis Schmid Journalism Scholarship


Dennis C. Schmid taught English and journalism at McCaskey and was the adviser for the school newspaper, the Vidette.

Year after year, the paper was judged the best in the state, winning the Keystone Award from the Pennsylvania School Press Association. Schmid was a board member and past president of the association.

“His forte was to be a journalism teacher,” McCaskey teacher Ken Barrett said. “He just had a winning way with the students, and they put out an award-winning paper year after year under his tutelage.

“Dennis taught them about printing the facts and the truth and let the chips fall where they may. One of his legacies is that many of his former students are journalists and editors on many papers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

“He was a people person, a journalist,” Barrett said. “He had a way of asking the right question at the wrong time.”

“He couldn’t have been a better teacher,” McCaskey teacher Frank Gray said. “He taught a whole generation of journalists who took over their college newspapers. His women editors became the first women editors on college campuses.

“His students were ready, technically and ethically and in every way, to be full journalists. That tradition of excellence is unprecedented.”

Schmid worked Saturday nights on the sports desk for the Sunday News from 1978 to 1989.

He was a member of Otterbein United Methodist Church, where he was a Sunday school teacher and played on the softball team.

An avid APBA game player, he was a member of the first APBA league, founded 35 years ago.

A 1961 graduate of McCaskey and a 1965 graduate of Lebanon Valley College, he held a master’s degree in education from Temple University.

Schmid passed away in 1998 soon after retiring from McCaskey after 33 years of teaching.

Each year the Dennis Schmid Journalism Scholarship awards $1,000 to an outstanding student in the area of journalism. No essay is required.

To make a donation to the Dennis Schmid Journalism Scholarship, please make your check payable (with “Schmid Scholarship” designated in the memo line) to the McCaskey Alumni Association: 445 N. Reservoir St. Lancaster, PA 17602.