McCaskey Alumni

“McCaskey Proud”

Reunions & Events

McCaskey Alumni host approximately 20 class reunions per year. Below are the alumni reunions and events to come. Click here if you have questions about or need assistance with your next reunion or event.

September 11, 2021: Class of 1960’s 60th Anniversary Reunion at Meadia Heights Golf Club/4:30 PM–Contact

October 1, 2021: Class of 1970’s “50 Plus One” Reunion (More details will be provided in Jan/Feb 2021)–Contact Carol Preston Paulsen (360) 659-7530

October 2, 2021: Class of 2000’s 20th Anniversary Reunion at Holiday Inn, Lancaster City–Contact Jeremiah Miller (717)468-9194

November 13, 2021: Class of 1975’s 45th Anniversary Reunion at Meadia Heights Golf Club–Contact Jodi Gobrecht Keller (717)989-7581