McCaskey Alumni

“McCaskey Proud”

Reunions & Events

▪Class of 1950: Annual Reunion

October 27 at Meadia Heights—Contact Miles Martin (717)393-2140


▪Class of 2009: 10th Reunion

June 8, 2019—SAVE THE DATE–QUESTIONS: (717)399-6418


▪Class of 1964: 55th Reunion

October 4, 5, 2019 at Heritage Hotel–Contact Mary Ann Virgil (717)380-9052 


Class of 1979: 40th Reunion

October 5, 2019 at Clipper Stadium/6 PM-Midnight–Contact Lori Burger Daly (717)940-0601


▪Class of 1954: 65th Reunion 

October 12, 2019 at American Legion Post 34—Contact Gloria Creeden Mentzer (717)203-4412


Ongoing Reunions: 

▪ Class of ’47 Women’s Lunch

4th Monday of the Month/11:30 AM at Iron Hill—Contact: M. Herbert 717-295-5775

▪ Class of ’47 Men’s Breakfast

3rd Monday of the Month/8:30 AM at Centerville Diner

▪ Class of ’49 Women’s Lunch

Saturday after Mother’s Day/11:30 AM at Greenfield Inn—Contact: Joan Pollock 717-872-5509

▪Class of ’54 Women’s Breakfast

Last Wednesday of the Month/9 AM at Country Table Restaurant–B. Graeter 717-397-1288

▪Class of ’54 Men’s Breakfast

Last Wednesday of the Month/9 AM at George’s in Mountville–Ron Stokes 717-393-5408

▪Class of ’60 Dinner

Last Wednesday of the Month/6 PM at Centerville Diner–Jill Gilbert Harsh 717-393-2203

▪Class of ’70

1st Wednesday of the Month/6:30 PM at Villanova West