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Lancaster Boys’ High School


The original Boys’ High School building (above) was erected in 1874, and for a little more than forty years it was the center of high school education for the city. But as the number of pupils increased, it became inadequate. When Stevens High School was completed in 1905, the girls were transferred there. This relieved the congested condition of the old building for some time, but having the building to themselves seemed to stimulate the enrollment of the boys.

As enrollment continued to increase, changes and alterations were made in the old building, but this was still insufficient, and, as early as January, 1911, Dr. R.K. Buehrle, then City Superintendent, foresaw the need of additional accommodations for the boys.

To make way for construction on a new Boys’ High, all students were moved to Stevens High School. The building at 225 W. Orange Street was dedicated on September 26, 1918. This is now the site of Robert Fulton Elementary School (below).