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Alumni Book Challenge

Left to Right: Carol Ressler Long ’56 (Vice President), Jeremiah Miller ’00 (Coordinator of Alumni Affairs) and Joyce Weaver Nolt ’58 (President).


Endeavoring to fill the bookshelves of a campus that was still adjusting to resourcing two buildings and not just one, the McCaskey Alumni Association stepped in to help the Campus in 2002. It established the Alumni Book Challenge for the purpose of providing the McCaskey libraries with an adequate number of books and to keep the collections up to date. Through the Book Challenge, the McCaskey Alumni Association encourages graduates of McCaskey, as well as caring members of the community, to make donations designated for the replenishment of the McCaskey Campus IMCs. The Challenge raised more than $100,000 in the first five years alone.

Mail your financial contribution designated “Alumni Book Challenge” to: McCaskey Alumni Association, 445 N. Reservoir St. Lancaster, PA 17602. Make checks payable to “McCaskey Alumni Association.”